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With over 150 years’ experience, Vincent & Beatty is among the most progressive law firms in Dublin today. Since our inception, the legal world, like the city, has changed dramatically, yet one thing remains the same: our unwavering ability to deliver winning results for our clients. Trusted by national and international corporations, private individuals and public and private companies, we […]

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The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act, 2015

The Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act, 2015 (Act) was signed into law on 30 December 2015 and it is anticipated that it will commence in 2016. The Act repeals the outdated Lunacy Regulations (Ireland) Act 1871 and provides a progressive new framework of decision-making to […]

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In the modern business arena, clients need a solicitor to deliver more than just legal services. As a result, Vincent & Beatty has developed to provide practical business solutions, based on an expert understanding of each client’s specific business area. We now offer a complete range of intelligent, specialised services, which have earned us a powerful track record for success. […]