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Stamp Duty On Commercial Property

Following Budget 2018 which was announced by the Minister for Finance on the 10th October 2017, the rate of stamp duty for non-residential property was increased from 2% to 6%. The change took effect from midnight on the 10th October 2017. However, an allowance was [ read more ]

Employment (Miscellaneous) Provisions Bill, 2017 (Bill Number 147 of 2017)

On the 7th December 2017 the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection published the Employment (Miscellaneous) Provisions Bill, 2017 (the “Bill”). The Bill seeks to provide the following statutory protections for employees working in Ireland [ read more ]

Publication of new Anti-Bribery and Corruption Bill

The proposed Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Bill, 2017 (the “Bill”) seeks to modernise and consolidate the existing law on corruption and bribery in Ireland. The Bill introduces a broader definition of “corruptly” meaning to act with an improper purpose personally [ read more ]

Court order for a defendant to make a data access request in aid of discovery

In the recent case of Susquehanna International Group Limited v Needham [2017] IEHC 706, Mr Justice Baker considered whether a Court could order a person to make discovery of certain documents which that person had the power to obtain through making a data access request. [ read more ]