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Workplace Relations Commission upholds decision to dismiss pregnant employee

A recent Workplace Relations Commission decision found that a former client service executive was not dismissed from her employment because of her pregnancy… [ read more ]

New changes to the rules surrounding third party access to court documents

A change has been introduced in the Rules of the Superior Courts with effect from 1 August 2018 whereby the media now has access to documents which… [ read more ]

The Mediation Act 2017

The Mediation Act 2017 (The “Act”) commenced on 1 January 2018 and… [ read more ]

Court order for a defendant to make a data access request in aid of discovery

In the recent case of Susquehanna International Group Limited v Needham [2017] IEHC 706, Mr Justice Baker considered whether a Court could order a person to make discovery of certain documents which that person had the power to obtain through making a data access request. [ read more ]