With over 150 years’ experience, Vincent & Beatty is among the most progressive law firms in Dublin today. Since our inception, the legal world, like the city, has changed dramatically, yet one thing remains the same: our unwavering ability to deliver winning results for our clients.

Trusted by national and international corporations, private individuals and public and private companies, we retain our position at the forefront of the legal profession through strong client relationships, professional excellence and consistent high performance.


An innate drive, enthusiasm, and desire to achieve results, has been ingrained in our culture since the practice was founded.

Dedication is in the blood

Established by John Vincent in 1846, John Beatty joined the firm in 1897 and his descendants continue to play an integral role in the firm to this day. As with many family businesses, and particularly one of this calibre, Vincent & Beatty inspires an exceptional level of personal dedication among its people. Today, all our partners share the kinship of commitment, dynamism and innovation that is the life blood of the firm.


By taking a commercial approach, we better appreciate our clients’ business needs. From this perspective, we can develop comprehensive legal solutions that address their wider commercial objectives.

We look at the big picture

As you would expect, at Vincent & Beatty, both academic flair and legal excellence are taken as given – just as we attract and retain top level clients, so our exacting standards, matchless integrity and goal-oriented culture draw the cream of the legal profession to work for us. However, what really sets us apart is our ability to combine a complete understanding of the law with real commercial experience, to offer valuable advice that is more than the sum of its parts.

Our partners are members of: the Irish Taxation Institute, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Association of Patent and Trade Mark Agents, the Faculty of Notaries Public and the International Bar Association.


If you set a deadline, we meet it. If your needs change, we adapt. Fast. Quite simply, if you have an expectation, we expect to exceed it.

It’s the winning that counts – and how you play the game

We are a performance-driven firm. Naturally, performance means results, but for us, it also means providing an incredibly responsive, seamless service to our clients for as long as they require it. Our continuous performance and professionalism have made us one of the biggest names in Irish law, with an enviable list of national and international blue-chip clients.